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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Elshaddai World Records Festival 2024” Sets the Stage for Extraordinary Feats and Unleashes Hidden Potentials

April 15,2024, Tamil Nadu, India: Elshaddai Group of Institutions in Aranthangi, renowned for academic excellence and holistic development, hosted the “Elshaddai World Records Festival 2024” on April 4, 2024, and April 5, 2024. The festival featured an astounding 25 individual world records and 1 team world record, showcasing the hidden potentials of the students across various fields. The achievements earned titles from Elite World Records, Asian Records Academy, India Records Academy, and Tamilan Book of Records.


Esha Falon E, a Grade IV has accomplished a remarkable feat by setting a new world record for the Most Books Reviewed in 30 minutes, totalling 16 books. Esha’s passion for reading led her to meticulously select and thoroughly read 40 books from her school library, comprehensively understanding each story and its content. Her linguistic skills, language proficiency, and engaging style captivated spectators during the record attempt. Out of 17 books reviewed, 16 were approved for the record, as Esha provided insightful analysis, highlighting both the advantages and disadvantages of each book, demonstrating her insightful critique and rating abilities. 


Emi Falon E, a Grade II student, achieved a pioneering world record by recalling the most digital images by their spellings using the Eidetic Memory Technique in just 10 minutes, tallying an impressive 219 correct spellings out of 223 attempted . This record-breaking attempt marks a historic first globally. Emi employed the Jolly Phonics Method to blend words and recall their spellings with remarkable proficiency. Her precision in spelling bees was admired and applauded, highlighting the importance of phonics-based learning techniques in enhancing language acquisition and memory retention in young learners. 


Dhananya RP, a Grade I student has set a remarkable world record for creating the Largest Bottle Cap Mosaic, measuring 10.85 square meters. Using over 3600 bottle caps, Dhananya spent more than 16 hours meticulously assembling the mosaic, themed “My Vote My Future,” with patriotic tricolour hues. Her effort and artistic excellence were widely appreciated, showcasing remarkable determination and patience. Following the completion of the mosaic, students, parents, and teachers pledged to prioritize mandatory voting in the upcoming elections, inspired by Dhananya’s impactful creation.


Roshan Mohammed J, a Grade VIII student, has achieved a new world record for the Most Shotput Throws (2 Kilograms) in 1 Hour, with an impressive count of 850 approved throws. Roshan’s disciplined approach, including rigorous practice for over 30 days, strict diet control, and exercise regimen, not only aided in his weight loss but also boosted his confidence and overall health. Roshan’s achievement aims to promote the importance of health and fitness.


Danvarsh Vasudevan, a young LKG student has achieved a remarkable world record for solving the Most Picture Puzzles by a Pre-Schooler in 20 Minutes, successfully solving 51 puzzles out of 53 attempted . Danvarsh’s accomplishment at such a tender age highlights his impressive focus, determination, and problem-solving skills. After completing the puzzles, Danvarsh accurately identified each one upon request by the adjudicators, showcasing his sharp memory and attentiveness. Spectators were delighted by Danvarsh’s playful and engaging approach during the record attempt. 


Sulaiman A, a Grade I student has achieved a groundbreaking world record by identifying 150 digital images of celestial bodies in the universe in just 2 minutes, 36 seconds, and 52 milliseconds . This record attempt is the first of its kind globally. Supported by his parents, teachers, and school management, Sulaiman delivered an impressive introduction speech before the attempt, showcasing his proficiency. Understanding celestial bodies fosters curiosity and scientific thinking in children. Sulaiman’s remarkable memory skills highlight the cognitive benefits of early exposure to complex concepts, enhancing learning abilities and critical thinking at a young age. 


Dakshin Vasudevan, a young LKG student has achieved an impressive world record for identifying the Most Digital Images of Animals in 4 Minutes, successfully recognizing 174 out of 177 pictures . Dakshin’s exceptional performance underscores the importance of early childhood development in cognitive abilities, memory skills, and accuracy. His clear and audible communication, sharp focus, and perfect pronunciation during the record attempt highlight the potential of young learners to excel in complex tasks. This achievement serves as a testament to the capabilities of preschoolers and the value of early education in nurturing cognitive skills and attention to detail. 


Pranavi K, a Grade II student, has achieved a remarkable world record by recalling the most sight words in 5 minutes, totalling an impressive 320 words . This accomplishment underscores the critical importance of sight word recognition in early literacy development. Sight words are high-frequency words that are essential for fluent reading and comprehension. Pranavi’s exceptional ability to recall a large number of sight words demonstrates advanced language skills and cognitive capacity at a young age. This achievement highlights the effectiveness of early education programs in fostering language proficiency and reading readiness. 


During the event, Dr.Elgin.A.Arose, the Founder Chairman, along with Dr.A.Monolisha, the Managing Trustee Secretary, P.Alexander, the Correspondent, and Dr.Sheik Abdullah, the Academic Dean, extended their heartfelt wishes to all record aspirants. They emphasized the significance of setting high goals, showcasing talents, and encouraged the participants to embrace challenges, strive for excellence, and leave a mark in their record-breaking endeavors.


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