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Thursday, July 25, 2024

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation Receives Historic $50 Million Gift from the Pagidipati Family of Tampa

India, 17th April, 2024: St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation announced today a $50 million gift from the Pagidipati family of Tampa to support the future of pediatric health care in the Tampa Bay community. Tampa business leader and philanthropist Sidd Pagidipati, along with his brother Rahul and sister Srujani, make this transformative donation to honor their parents’ legacy as health care providers, their 50th wedding anniversary and their 50th anniversary of coming to the United States. The Pagidipati’s generosity is one of the largest donations in Tampa Bay history and one of the largest gifts to health care in Florida. The gift will support the new, specially designed pediatric facility for St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital, which BayCare announced in October as part of a strategic effort to increase the region’s access to high-quality, state-of-the-art health care for children.

When the new children’s hospital facility opens, it will be named “Pagidipati Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s” in recognition of the generosity of the Pagidipati family. The new hospital building is scheduled to open by 2030, further enhancing the pediatric services provided by BayCare, already the leading health care provider for children in West Central Florida.    

“When you see what happens at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital every single day, you cannot help but be moved to contribute to the future of our region’s children,” said Sidd Pagidipati. “St. Joseph’s is already one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals, and my family is excited to help ensure pediatric care remains second to none for our children and for our neighbors’ children for decades to come.”

The donation from the Pagidipatis reflects their drive to make Tampa Bay the best place to raise a family and the healthiest city in America. Recently, the Pagidipati family brought the world’s largest triceratops ever discovered to the Glazer Children’s Museum to help spark the imagination of the area’s children and families. The gift to St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is a celebration of the family’s steadfast commitment to healing others.

Sidd’s father, Dr. Devaiah Pagidipati, a Harvard-trained pediatric anesthesiologist, and his mother, Dr. Rudrama Pagidipati, a pathologist, have shown a life-long commitment to practicing medicine and running businesses focused on improving health care in our local communities.  The couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and 50th anniversary of coming to the United States.

Sidd Pagidipati has built a career running various medical-related businesses, including starting a Medicare Advantage HMO with his father, and founding Better Health Group, one of the leading value-based health care providers in the country. His wife, Dr. Ami Pagidipati, is an endodontist, business owner and dental school adjunct professor.

Joining in the celebration of the gift in their parents’ honor is Sidd’s brother and sister-in-law, Rahul and Dr. Neha Pagidipati, and sister, Srujani Pagidipati, as well as Sidd and Ami’s two children, who were both born at BayCare hospitals.


Gifts such as the Pagidipatis’ are especially critical for community-owned health care systems such as BayCare. The investment and partnership with the community ensures St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital remains at the forefront of clinical expertise and continues to provide comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of our community’s children. BayCare revealed plans in October to build a new, dedicated facility for the children’s hospital, which currently shares some common spaces with St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital. By building a new, dedicated structure, the pediatric hospital will be able to further evolve specialty care and research dedicated to children’s health as the hospital’s patient numbers and community needs continue to grow.

“With this transformational gift from Sidd and the Pagidipati family, we are well on the way to empowering many more tomorrows for West Central Florida’s children and beyond,” said BayCare President and CEO Stephanie Conners. “The new Pagidipati Children’s Hospital at St. Joseph’s will be known nationally as one of the best places to receive child-first, family-centered care at the absolute highest-quality.”

St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation President Kate Sawa expressed gratitude, on behalf of all the community’s children, for the Pagidipati family’s generosity and their confidence in the hospital’s future. “Together, with leaders like Sidd Pagidipati, our community is building an even stronger commitment to our youngest generation to ensure they will have the absolute best high-acuity pediatric services, research, and medical innovation. Our entire region is grateful for this family’s leadership.”

To join the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation’s mission to improve the health of future generations for years to come, please visit

Key Facts about St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital:

BayCare is the region’s largest provider of pediatric primary and specialty care, including delivering nearly 13,000 babies in 2023. Its St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital has built a national reputation for its commitment to providing family-centered care and state-of-the-art interventions.

In 2023, BayCare facilitated over 40 clinical trials for children with cancer, and in the past three years, BayCare patients have achieved a 90% cure rate, surpassing the national average. The Daniel J. Plasencia, MD, Children’s Chronic Complex Clinic, which focuses on children with the most challenging chronic conditions, has been a model for federal legislation to encourage other hospitals to embrace the model. Similarly, a longstanding relationship with University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh has made the hospital a destination for congenital heart care, where there has been great progress in children surviving to adulthood.

St Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is home to the 24-hour Steinbrenner Emergency/Trauma Center with the region’s largest team of board-certified pediatric emergency physicians. The state-designated pediatric trauma center provides the highest level of care for children.

About St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital
St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital is committed to providing everything needed for the health and well-being of children. Together, BayCare Kids and St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital offer specialized inpatient and outpatient pediatric care to thousands of children and their families each year in multiple locations throughout West Central Florida. From the tiniest baby to the high school quarterback, patients are cared for by doctors who specialize in treating children, in surroundings designed exclusively for kids. For more information:

About St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation
St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Foundation inspires the community to engage in philanthropic opportunities to invest in the unique brand of care found at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital. Community support for St. Joseph’s reflects the trust and reliance generations of patients and their families have had with us, preserving our rich tradition of compassionate care while fueling innovation and medical excellence. To learn more, please visit

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