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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Lifelong Online backed historical Ram Setu Swim Expedition 2024 successfully concluded, bridging lands and hearts across the Palk Strait

Mumbai…April 18, 2024…Lifelong Online supported Ram Setu Swim Expedition 2024, marking a monumental effort to bridge both lands and hearts across the Palk Strait, covering an impressive distance of approximately 32 kilometers. This expedition epitomizes the spirit of adventure, friendship, and the relentless pursuit of breaking barriers. Lifelong is thrilled to support this extraordinary journey of Shaaswat Sharma and Bharat Sachdeva as they embark on this remarkable feat. Lifelong online is one of India’s leading e-commerce brands for consumer goods.

The expedition commenced on April 13th with departure from the Indian Shore at 1300 hrs, followed by customs and immigration checks at 1500 hrs. Departing from Dhanushkoti, India, the team sailed for Sri Lanka. The expedition officially began on April 14th at 0500 hrs as the swimmers dive into the waters from Talaimannar, Sri Lanka. It concluded around 1500 hrs at Dhanushkoti, India, the expedition was a remarkable journey of endurance, friendship, and diplomacy.

On April 14, 2024, Shaaswat Sharma and Bharat Sachdeva embarked on a one-way Ram Setu Open Water Swimming Expedition, starting at 5 AM from Talaimannar in Sri Lanka and concluded their swim at Dhanushkoti, India. Covering a distance of approximately 32 kilometers, the expedition took around 9-10 hours.

Bharat Kalia, Co-Founder, Lifelong Online Retail Pvt. Ltd. said, “We’re thrilled to have been part of the unique Ram Setu Swim adventure! As a brand, we are super proud of what Bharat and Shashwat have achieved. We are glad we could support this historical event.”

Shaaswat Sharma, a national medalist swimmer said, “As we culminate our journey across the Ram Setu with pride, smiles, and satisfaction, we carry with us the joy of making a small token of contribution to our fellow country people, fueled by their unwavering love and support. A resounding shout out to our title sponsors Lifelong, whose unwavering support made this remarkable feat possible.”

Bharat Sachdeva, International Swimmer said, “Embarking on the Ram Setu swim expedition was not just about conquering a physical challenge; it was about honoring our cultural legacy and making a small contribution to our country’s people. Despite the daunting magnitude of the task and numerous adversities, we persevered. A heartfelt thank you to our sponsors Lifelong for their invaluable support in making this journey possible.”

The Ram Setu Swim Expedition 2024 received approvals from various government bodies, including the Ministry of External Affairs, India, and the Ministry of Defence, Sri Lanka, among others, underscoring the significance and safety measures of this historic undertaking.

Shaaswat Sharma, a national medalist in swimming and a seasoned ultra long-distance swimmer, holds an impressive record of over 500 medals and trophies, including multiple all India records. His partner, Bharat Sachdeva, is an accomplished Health and Wellness Consultant, International Swimmer, and Ironman Triathlete. With their combined expertise and determination, they aim to not only conquer the physical challenge but also promote the message of universal brotherhood and friendship between neighbors.

The Ram Setu Swim Expedition 2024 aimed to achieve several significant milestones beyond the physical challenge of the swim itself. One of the primary objectives was to promote the spirit of universal brotherhood, transcending borders and fostering connections between communities. Additionally, the expedition raised awareness about water safety and the prevention of drowning incidents, emphasizing the importance of education and precautions in aquatic environments. 

This event was not just about athletic prowess; it was a journey that symbolized unity, camaraderie, and the indomitable human spirit. Lifelong is honored to be a part of this incredible venture that not only promotes adventure sports and water safety but also fosters friendly relations with India’s neighbors.

Furthermore, by showcasing the prowess of Indian athletes in adventure sports and open-water swimming, the expedition inspired future generations to pursue their passions fearlessly. Importantly, this journey also served as a platform to nurture friendly relations with India’s neighbors, embodying the ethos of cooperation and goodwill. 

About Lifelong Online

Lifelong Online is one of India’s leading e-commerce brands for consumer goods. Inspired by consumers, our products are developed keeping the modern Indian consumer’s lifestyle at the core of the design. As we reimagine everyday living, our products strongly resonate with our consumers, establishing our strong presence across multiple categories, starting from Home & Kitchen, Lifestyle, Fitness, Healthcare, and extending to Smartwatches. At Lifelong Online, we run the complete e-commerce flywheel, with a technology backbone that secures customer feedback across multiple touch points, demonstrating effective marketing and communication campaigns, managing a diverse multi-country factory base, a pan-India customer service network, and robust capabilities of e-commerce fulfillment at multiple locations across India. Lifelong Online was founded by Atul Raheja, Varun Grover, and Bharat Kalia in 2015.

For further media queries, please contact:

Sonia Kulkarni | Hunk Golden and Media

9820184099 |

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