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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Duravit launches three new faucet series at an impressive price point. 

Duravit, a leading premium sanitary ware brand has extended its bathroom faucets portfolio and announced launch of three new series. With Wave, Circle, and Manhattan Faucet Series – Duravit, aims to expand its complete bathroom portfolio and offer even more quality design options matching any bathroom. All three faucet lines come at an impressively attractive price point and offer added value to architects and developers, not least through sustainable features such as FreshStart, MinusFlow, and EasyClean. Duravit Best Match, a proprietary configurator developed by Duravit, helps users select the best combination of faucet and ceramic for each bathroom.


Functionality and sustainability 


The washbasin faucets are optionally available in the sizes S and M with the energy- and water-saving features MinusFlow (flow limited to 40% = 3.5 l/min) and FreshStart. 

Only cold-water flows to start with in the central position. Hot water is only added when the user deliberately moves the handle to the left. The energy-intensive production of hot water is limited to situations where it is actually needed.

The thermostat faucets have the HeatLock scald protection, and all washbasin faucets feature an EasyClean aerator. Dirt and limescale can be simply rubbed off the silicone nozzle with a finger. The new faucet lines accordingly meet the highest standards in terms of comfort and sustainability.

Duravit also offers a five-year guarantee on all faucet lines and a 15-year availability guarantee for spare parts.


Faucet applications for the whole bathroom


Three different spout heights of the washbasin mixers (S, M, and Highriser) with different variants such as concealed mixer, three-hole faucet, and pillar faucet cater for users’ personal requirements at the washbasin. Wave, Circle and Manhattan also offer an ideal tap fitting solution for any installation scenario in all other areas of the bathroom – bidet, shower and bathtub. For the shower area and bathtub, users can choose between single-lever mixers and thermostat faucets as well as surface-mounted and flush-mounted solutions. The Wave and Circle ranges also feature a rim-mounted tap fitting. Shower systems with showerhead and height-adjustable hand shower are ideal and practical full solutions, including for retrofitting.

The Duravit BlueBox®, a universal installation system for a range of faucet designs (lever mixers or thermostats), is used for concealed installation. This allows the design decision to be taken even after the basic set has been installed. 


Wave – gently dynamic 


Wave stands for a contemporary and young design style. The slim, cylindrical base undergoes a soft, flowing transition into the gently rounded spout, which creates an exciting contrast with its precise edges. The dynamic upward-facing handle lies pleasantly in the hand, guaranteeing easy and precise operation. 


Available in Chrome, Matt Black, and three additional scratch-resistant and durable PVD surfaces – Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Bronze, Polished Gold – Wave additionally offers attractive options for individual bathroom design. 

Duravit offers the accessories program Starck T as well as matching accessories from the whole portfolio as the perfect enhancement: showerheads, outlet fittings, furniture handles, actuator plates, and siphons are perfectly coordinated with the faucet finishes and guarantee a harmonious and stylish ambience in the room. For the first time, Duravit can offer an entire color-coordinated bathroom fit-out with no compromises.


Circle – simplicity all round


Circle from Duravit represents a restrained and minimalistic approach to design that is an ideal match to many timelessly modern bathroom ranges. The body, outlet, and handle are each defined by the fundamental shape of the circle to form a harmonious whole. Details such as the reduction of the gap between the body and the handle to a minimum or the integrated aerator underpin the overall pared-down aesthetic. A practical side effect is that the rounded surfaces enable the water to flow away easily, making them particularly easy to clean in everyday use.


The Circle range of faucets is available in Chrome and creates a harmonious overall picture when combined with accessories of the D-Code series.


Manhattan – precise edges


The cube is the defining design element of the Manhattan range. The distinctive design language is characterized by precise lines and edges. These are additionally emphasized by subtle reflections of light to create a high-quality aesthetic. 

At the same time, spacious surfaces and precise transitions underpin the timeless yet striking elegance that creates a special harmony with clean and contemporary interior designs. Available in Chrome and Matt Black, a wide range of design options is possible. 


These products are available through Duravit’s vast distribution network across the country. With these products, Duravit aims to take bathroom design to a new level and provide its customers with a choice for every need.


About Duravit India


Duravit India is a growing subsidiary of Duravit AG. With a strong heritage of 200 years and presence in 130 countries, Duravit is well-known for working with world famous architects and designers. 


Duravit has already made an impact in India as a premium bathroom brand with presence in a leading luxury hotels and premium residential apartments. Duravit products are on display in 120 partners showrooms across India.


Duravit products include sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, bathtubs and shower trays, wellness systems, shower-toilets, faucets and accessories as well as installation systems. Duravit India has already earned a recognized status, with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 certifications. The Indian production site is a state-of-the-art plant with a workforce of more than 350 people in aggregate.

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