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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Transforming the Renting Market with Innovative Proptech Solutions Startup In Mumbai.

Haris Khan, the visionary Founder and CEO of Rentofy by Masaris Technologies Pvt Ltd, is making waves in the proptech industry by transforming the traditionally unorganized renting market into a well-organized sector. Under his leadership, Rentofy has rapidly become a trailblazer in property management, leveraging cutting-edge technology to streamline and enhance the rental experience for both landlords and tenants.

A Proptech Pioneer

Rentofy stands out in the crowded proptech landscape due to its commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. By integrating advanced technologies and user-friendly platforms, Rentofy simplifies property management, offering seamless and efficient services that address the pain points of the rental process. This approach not only improves the rental experience but also brings transparency and reliability to the market.

Recent Achievements

In a significant milestone for the company, Rentofy recently secured ₹2 crore in pre-seed funding. This infusion of capital is set to accelerate the company’s growth and expand its service offerings. The funding will be utilized to enhance the technological infrastructure, scale operations, and reach a broader audience, further solidifying Rentofy’s position as a leader in the proptech field.

The Visionary Leader

Haris Khan’s leadership and vision are the driving forces behind Rentofy’s success. His deep understanding of the real estate market and his innovative approach to problem-solving have been instrumental in the company’s growth. By focusing on customer needs and leveraging technology, Haris Khan is not only transforming the rental market but also setting new standards in the proptech industry.


As Rentofy continues to grow and innovate, Haris Khan’s role as a pioneer in the proptech industry becomes ever more evident. With the recent funding boost and a clear vision for the future, Rentofy is poised to revolutionize the rental market, making it more organized, transparent, and efficient for everyone involved.

#### Rentofy Property Management App

The Rentofy app is a powerful tool that simplifies property management tasks efficiently. It offers a range of essential features including:

Portfolio Management: Owners can manage their property portfolios with ease.

– Tenant Verification: Comprehensive tenant verification ensures reliable and trustworthy occupants.

– House Inspection: Regular inspections keep properties in top condition.

– Rent Receipt Generation: Seamless rent receipt generation and financial tracking.

– Agreement Management: Easy handling of rental agreements and contracts.

– Service Requests: Tenants can submit and track service requests through the app.

– Home Interior Solutions: Assistance with home interior and furnishing needs.

#### Comprehensive Services for Owners

Tenant Scouting: Rentofy provides a single point of contact for all tenant-related services. They conduct comprehensive background checks to ensure reliable tenants, advertise properties, negotiate the best possible rent, and ensure fast deal closure at optimal prices.

Rental Management: Rentofy supports owners with pre-move-in livability and functional checks, rent collection, and complete documentation and paperwork support. Their goal is to ensure a smooth and efficient rental process, from listing to lease signing.

Property Management: Regular periodic inspections, home insurance options, hassle-free furnishing and fit-out support, and detailed move-in and move-out inspection reports are all part of Rentofy’s property management services. These offerings ensure that properties are well-maintained and owners have peace of mind.

#### Dedicated Services for Tenants

Discover Your Ideal Home: Rentofy assists tenants in finding their perfect home by offering property tours, optimal pricing, and a selection of carefully curated apartments.

Seamless Living Made Easy: Tenants can manage service requests and receive year-round maintenance assistance through the Rentofy app. Rent payments can be made conveniently using cards or net banking within the app.

From Arrival to Departure: Rentofy ensures a smooth move-out process, conducts quarterly inspections for timely maintenance, and supports tenants during move-ins with comprehensive reports, ensuring a hassle-free living experience.


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