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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Kal Ke Krorepati – Redefining Gujarat’s Startup landscape

Ahmedabad, May 28, 2024 – Kal Ke Krorepati (KKK) – Chhote Sheher Bade Sapne, a groundbreaking initiative that is committed to highlighting the India’s burgeoning startup ecosystem and offering a critical platform for startups, has been launched on Zee Business and Tata Play’s Channel No 515 (Har Ghar Startup). 

The show was previously inaugurated in Ahmedabad by the esteemed actor and entrepreneur Suniel Shetty. 

This signifies the commencement of the initial chapter, the Gujarat Chapter, which will be replicated in other states of India. The programme is produced by Iroller Media and Ent, with FAVCY Venture Builders and Associate Producer Alka Gor serving as co-producers. FTC Media serves as the production company for the programme. Among other partners with the show are Costume partner Jade Blue, Venue partner Karnavati University, PR Partner Newsreach, Outdoor partner Kaushik Publicity & Digital partner Digibuzz. 

Kal Ke Krorepati – Chhote Sheher Bade Sapne is a distinctive combination of investors, VC funds, and startups that goes beyond mere fundraising efforts to adopt a comprehensive approach that is designed to promote significant economic growth. The commencement of the first chapter signifies the beginning of a new chapter for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly in the dynamic landscape of Gujarat. 

The initiative solicited 500 business proposals and concepts from startups throughout Gujarat, which resulted in the meticulous selection of 27 promising ventures that offered innovative solutions across a variety of industries. 

A panel of nine venture capital funds and investors provided each selected startup with the opportunity to present a succinct three-minute live pitch, showcasing the uniqueness and growth potential of their ventures. 

In the inaugural episode, the startups were subjected to a series of questions from prominent investors, including Sushil Sharma, the Founder and CEO of Marwari Catalysts, who has invested over 80 crores in over 75 startups. Sushil is renowned for his investments in Tier 2 startups throughout the nation. 

Dr. Neha Sharma, the Founder Director of Accelerate India, is the other investor. More than 1000 Indian startups have been mentored by Dr. Sharma, who has helped them reach the global stage. 

Naveena Reddy, the Head of Investments at Lead Angles, is the subsequent investor. Lead Angles has invested in over 80 startups. 

Mihir Joshi, the CEO of India’s oldest venture fund, GVFL Ltd., is finally featured in the inaugural episode. GVFL is a mega investment firm, having invested over 500 crores in over 80 funds throughout the country. 

Aditya Kumar and Hemant Bisht of Urjabolt were among the two startups that presented in the inaugural episode. Urjabolt offers electric cargo and driver services to facilitate the last-mile connectivity of businesses. 

Anand Parikh, the founder of Shira Medtech, was the second startup to be featured in the first episode. Shira is engaged in the production of microvascular clamps that simplify intricate surgeries for surgeons. 

Milapsinh Jadeja, the founder of Iroller Media and Entertainment, is a seasoned entrepreneur and angel investor who is optimistic about the concept. He stated, “Kal Ke Krorepati’s potential to revitalise the startup ecosystem in Gujarat and the broader Indian entrepreneurial landscape is remarkable.” I am extremely optimistic about the initiative’s potential as a unique platform that unites stakeholders, investors, and startups to promote networking, dialogue, and fundraising opportunities. 

Suniel Shetty, too had expressed confidence way back in February during the curtain raiser, stating, “Kal Ke Krorepati represents a commendable endeavour to cultivate a thriving ecosystem of startups and investors, thereby contributing meaningfully to economic development.” I am certain that a significant number of these emerging businesses and startups will achieve extraordinary success in the years ahead, thereby creating employment opportunities,” stated Mr. Shetty. 

The Kal Ke Krorepati initiative is on the brink of making a significant contribution to economic progress by facilitating investments and unlocking novel opportunities in a variety of sectors, such as technology, education, travel, healthcare, and hospitality. 

“We are venture builders and acknowledge the necessity and potential of these platforms within the ecosystem.” We are of the opinion that the emergence of robust startups from smaller eco-systems will not only bolster the economy but also provide a significant boost to startups that are in dire need of recognition at an early stage. Gujarat is the location for this season; however, any other state could serve as the potential next location. Pranav Chaturvedi, CEO of Favcy, stated, “We are guaranteeing that no start-up is deprived of the opportunity by moving regionally.” 

Kal Ke Krorepati – Chhote Sheher Bade Sapne is on now. 


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