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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Mayaa SH Advisory on Deepfake Videos ,”Please Be Alert People”

Ahead of her Birthday this month ,Mayaa SH warns against deepfake videos that are AI generated and issues an advisory with the growing concern on targeting public figures.


Mayaa SH is a name synonymous with Women Empowerment and her Ideology of “Vichaar” that she has lived by .Indian literature is enriched by the voices of remarkable women authors who have contributed to empowering women and addressing social issues through their writing.


Multi National Award Winner , Internationally Acclaimed and Multi World Record Holder Authoress,Essayist ,Thinker, Developmental Feminist ,Social Activist and Legal Advisor on Matrimonial Dr Mayaa SH  speaks on deepfake videos and cyber crime and money extortion from public figures .Mayaa talks about the rising concern on deepfake videos on Internet, stating that ‘Hackers produce voice using Artificial Intelligence ‘ .Mayaa  responded to an AI-generated video on internet suspecting to be mimicking her speech, trying to promote her in sharing her any pictures , and took action to address this rising issue in the country .As the world becomes increasingly reliant on technology, the dark side of innovation rears its head in the form of deepfakes. 


Following any suspect of any audio video’s viral spread, Mayaa has personally stepped forward to condemn the act and released a statement clarifying that she has absolutely no association with endorsing any AI generated innovation for trial or dry run and without proper verification . This has also shed light on the potential dangers and widespread impact of deepfake technology on celebrities and the public alike.


Mayaa warns the public of the existence online of  any audio or video messages that artificially reproduce the image and voice of members or people who are in social light and are client centric in their professional life, including the associations that Mayaa Devi has , and other top institutional leaders and well-known persons.Any content, known as deepfakes, is also generated using artificial intelligence to modify real video or audio in order to convey and add credibility to messages that are untrue and shared with the aim of committing fraud and extorting lakhs of rupees.None of these audio- videos, even those that make explicit reference to Mayaa SH have been authorized until a thorough dry run and proper signature proofs manually not digitally with any company or individual .Therefore, if you encounter such content it is recommended that you:


Be skeptical about the message it conveys;

Do not respond to or carry out any requests made;

Avoid sharing it, so as to not help spread it,

We would like to remind you that the Mayaa SH publishes her content or any official communications on any social media and public platform via a team of committed individuals who have a proper verification of their background.Any likeness attempted to exploit to promote illegal activities, causing distress and raising concerns about the implications for celebrities and their reputations will be taken cognizance of .


Unfortunately, Mayaa SH and many people are not the only people trying to  have been targeted by deepfake creators. Recently, several high-profile actors, sportspersons and politicians, including Ranveer Singh, Rashmika Mandana, Sachin Tendulkar, Aamir Khan, Amit Shah and others, have also had their likenesses exploited in similar ways, often for deceptive or malicious purposes. People, especially victims and experts, have been calling for the urgent need for increased awareness and the development of countermeasures to combat the rise of deep fakes. 

All this holds no bearance on any information regarding deepfakes or suspected messages may please be reported as a cyber crime complaint . Remember,Nation Comes First and Reporting anything malicious is the responsibility of every citizen ,with every fundamental right comes a duty attached .


Jai Hind .


About The Author 


Mayaa SH also known as Lady Karl Marx and Female Chulbul Pandey is a  feminist philosopher , thinker and essayist in 21st century modern India. She is not a typical passive Indian woman who blindly follow the norms that are not meant to uplift women in a more sensitive and rational manner. She is a Mother of championing the power of self belief to an extent that her vision of her philosophy is to give freedom to woman from so called judgements that still plague our society at large.Mayaa SH is a  Literary Empowerment Campaigner, an Iconic Contemporary Authoress and Poetess and A Social Activist  who has shattered all glass ceilings and barriers to champion the cause of Gender Equality and Neutrality .Best known for her work in Swayam , she is Championer of Women’s Rights, Authoress, Public Intellectual, and a former corporate juggernaut, Mayaa SH is  a recognised crusader on Indian’s contemporary verve of economics, freedom of the press, gender neutrality and human rights.Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature and is a multi National and State Award Winner,a Podcaster, an Artist ,a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Authoress and a twelve times World Record Holder. 


She is driven by passion to write and compose. She has love for grammar and mental health awareness by engaging in talk as remedial navigation through any situation. She always tries to look for ways to merge the two. She is an avid enthusiast for the three C’s : Character , Charisma  and Chivalry. Be it, writing; debating or counselling; she makes sure to dedicate time to every such field wherein the reach is extensive and dedicated towards people in order to make her dreams reach countless souls. She is a suicide prevention expert .As an influential Indian women author Mayaa SH  whose works resonates with themes of women empowerment, gender equality, and societal change, Mayaa SH has paved the way for female voices in Indian literature and this has served as inspiration for many women seeking empowerment and self-expression.


Mayaa SH  is a renowned Indian authoress,social activist and a developmental feminist whose novel, “Swayam ,” garnered international acclaim and won her world records and awards at the international book fairs in India. Known for her poignant writing style and deep social consciousness, Mayaa has delved into the complexities of gender, caste, and class in Indian society. Her works explore the challenges faced by women and marginalized communities, encouraging readers to question societal norms and fight for justice. Mayaa’s commitment to activism and her fearless advocacy for women’s rights makes her an important figure in contemporary Indian literature.Mayaa is a highly acclaimed Indian authoress known for her insightful and introspective novels. Her works often examine the experiences of women in Indian society, addressing themes of identity, cultural conflicts and the pursuit of personal freedom. Mayaa’s self-help books have depicted the resilience and strength of women in challenging circumstances, inspiring readers to question gender roles and societal expectations.


Mayaa SH’s writing style is marked by its sensitivity and attention to detail, making her an influential voice in promoting women’s empowerment through literature. Mayaa though primarily known as a corporate professional, is an influential figure who has inspired countless women in India. As amongst the first in the corporate industry as a black belt six Sigma certified Mayaa spearheaded a nationwide project ok “Training Effectiveness” in the organisations. Mayaa has broken barriers and shattered glass ceilings in the corporate world. Her powerful ideology, “I Only Speak Titanium ,” and “The Candle In The Wind” has highlighted her exponential growth mindset ,power of self belief , challenges, and achievements of women serving ,thereby, as an inspiration for young women aspiring to excel in male-dominated fields. Mayaa’s story empowers women to pursue their dreams and demonstrates that with determination and resilience, they can overcome any obstacle. Mayaa SH’s works capture the complexities of the immigrant experience and the struggle for personal identity. Through her self help books , short stories,articles and essays, Mayaa breathes into the lives of Indian women, exploring themes of cultural displacement, assimilation, and the clash between tradition and modernity. Her World Record winning books have highlighted the challenges faced by women as they navigate between two cultures. 


Mayaa’s writings encourage women to embrace their heritage while forging their own paths, inspiring them to celebrate their unique identities. Mayaa SH’s  ideology has pierced assertively into the themes of identity, exile, and the effects of globalization. She has explored the struggles faced by women in patriarchal societies and their quest for autonomy and self-discovery. Through her writing, Mayaa has challenged conventional gender roles and has inspired readers to question societal constraints, highlighting the importance of women’s empowerment and agency in shaping their own destinies.Popularly known as Mayaa Tai ,Lady Karl Marx and Pushpa Of The East ,


Mayaa SH’s journey: 

has made significant contributions to literature and has served as a catalyst for women’s empowerment through her powerful narratives. Mayaa SH has fearlessly tackled social issues, portrayed the struggles and triumphs of women, and encouraged readers to challenge societal norms. Her writings provide valuable insights into the experiences of women in India and beyond, inspiring many people to embrace their voices, pursue their dreams, and advocate for gender equality and empowerment. Mayaa SH continues to be the trailblazer in contemporary literature and in campaigning extensively for women rights across the globe, paving the way for future generations of women writers and activists. Her ideology serves as a testament to the transformative power of literature and the role of feminism in contemporary literature in driving social change.

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